This is a new Personalized Wood Fly Box. You get to pick the design and how you want the box personalized. From the pictures you selected from one of four designs; a fly fisherman, a leaping trout, an adams fly or a trout and fly rod.  The boxes are an light oak color and have a high gloss finish.  The corners of the box are round and will easily slid into your vest.  Have fun bidding and tight lines


  Leaping Steelhead

  Fly Fisherman

  Trout & Rod


River Traditions Small Fly Box

How cool is this -  a new PERSONALIZED Wood Fly Box.   Get that “traditional” feel at an affordable price.  The boxes are a light oak color and have a high gloss finish.  The corners of the box are rounded and will easily slid into your vest

The Process:
Select a background from the Paypal button drop down below:

Leaping Trout
Fly Fisherman
Adams Fly
Trout and Rod

Then fill in the Text Box with what you would like laser etched into the box:  a name, quote, event or company name.


Outside dimensions 5 ½” x 3 ½” x 2”
Inside is 5” x 3” providing 30 sq. in. of storage.
Wood: Light Oak in color.
2 mortised brass hinges.
4 Magnets hold the box closed.
Finish: Water proof acrylic. 
Micro-Slit foam to hold over 150 flies. 

Price, Shipping and Personalization:


The Price of $15.00 includes Personalization and Shipping.


Conservation Commitment:
For years now I have donated products to local conservation clubs, these donations have raised $1,000’s for the benefit of OUR rivers and streams.  You have my word that I will continue this activity.

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