wood fly box with quote

Favorite Wooden Fly Boxes

Ideas for Wooden Fly Boxes A wooden fly box just seems to “fit” into the beautiful environs’ that trout dwell. Below are 6 personalized wooden fly boxes with special fly fishing quotes. Over the years I’ve been luck to make hundreds of fly boxes.  These boxes are used as gifts, to mark events or as a door prizes at a fly fishing club banquets.  Communicating with each of these folks I get to appreciate the .
how to fish a strike indicator

How to fish a Strike Indicator

Instructions for how to setup your fly rod to fish a Strike Indicator. During a recent search of the web, I didn’t find any instructions on how to set up a fly rod to indicator fish. Once you understand this basic setup, it’s easy to modify by adding additional flies, longer leaders and sliding weights. What do you need? To start be flexible, I’m sure you have many of these items in your fly .
hook sharpener

How to Sharpen a Hook with a Hook Sharpener

How to sharpen a fishing hook using a hook sharpener Bouncing eggs and nymphs on the bottom of a stream is probably one of the most effective techniques for catching trout. Unfortunately every time your hook touches a rock it gets dull. Keeping your hooks sharp improves your odds of success. An important skill that’s easy to learn is how to sharpen your hooks. The only tool required is a hook sharpener. This can .