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This is me - David Humphries, Owner of River Traditions, in fact I'm the only employee. I operate the company part time, early mornings and weekends, while going to a real job to pay the bills. I have aspirations of it growing, but I'm content with it staying small. The company has grown a little since it's humble beginnings in 2002, with a single fly box made from a pine 2x4. By 2004 I was making a couple hundred fly boxes out of exotic woods and selling them at fly fishing shows. Now I've expanded my offerings, but my mission has stayed consistent; connect with fellow fly fishers and offer honest value.

Thank You, spending a little time learning about River Traditions. Please don't hesitate to contact me at or if needed call 248 891 0788.

Faith, Family and Fish

River Traditions

2406 Foxgrove Dr, Highland, MI 48356
248- 891- 0788