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Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters can be etched on reel?

I recommend a maximum of 8. Beyond 8 characters the font gets small.
How many characters can I etch on my knife?

I would limit the characters to 10. I can etch a second line, just put a DASH in the input area.
How many characters on my fly box?

There isn't a set maximum, I will say that beyond 30 characters the font will be small. Contact me if you'd like something special. I can etch both sides of the box for $5 extra.
How do I contact River Traditions?

The best way is by email. My email is Info@rivertraditions.com
Does River Traditions support non-profit organizations?

Yes, I will say that I work very closely with my Local Clubs Trout Unlimited and International Federation of Fly Fishers along with Michigan Fly Fishing Club and Casting for Recovery. I am a small company and will help as I'm able so contact me at INFO@RIVERTRADITIONS.COM
Does River Traditions offer quantity discounts?

Yes please contact me at INFO@RIVERTRADITIONS.COM
How do I switch the retrieve direction on my reel?

Please see my video for the TRADITONAL Reel HERE and for the Value Reel HERE.
How much time to make my fly box?

I usually make and ship out personalized fly boxes within a couple days of ordering.
Exchange Policy

It's difficult for me to exchange a personalized item. If I make an error etching I will fix it. Usually by replacing the item.
What is River Traditions return policy?

I Offer a 30 day return policy for defective items. I will say I want to work with you to make your experience with me as pleasant as possible. So contact me with questions.
Does River Traditions Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately at this time I only mail products within the USA.