Fly Fishing Gifts


Fly Fishing Gifts

My wife recently gave me the perfect fly fishing gifts.  A great read by John Gierach titled Fly Fishing Small Streams.  My wife asked a family friend for a recommendation and got this title.  I’ve read twice now in preparation for spring.  Winters in Michigan are a great time to sit and read, by a fireplace if you have one.

Most of Gierach’s books immortalize experiences while on excursions, while this one describes his passion for small streams and John’s techniques for fishing them.  Images of bushwhacking to mountain streams with friends and the exploration of what the trout are taking.  midges, caddis, long light leaders and short light bamboo rods.

gifts for fly fishermen

This book really seemed to connect with me.  In fact I truly appreciated Mr. Gierach writing a descriptive detail of his methods.  Of course the book is filled with what I call little zingers that make you smirk while reading.  One phase really caught my fancy ~ “I picture myself as light, mobile, unencumbered – a fly fishing guerrilla.”

Gierach QuoteSo you’re probably asking where the fly fishing gift part of this story comes in?  After the second time through the book, I knew I had to say thank you.  I thought – heck he fly fishes and I make fly boxes, so I made a personalized aluminum fly box with my favorite quote from the book.   Now I did make a little error, I should have found an address before making the box, but sometime you have to go with the flow.   After quite a bit of searching I found an address.  I wasn’t really sure it was correct, but I mailed the fly box and felt good about it.

fly fishing giftsSo with the box made and mailed, I resumed my wonderful life, working and spending time with my wife and chasing kids.

Surprisingly I got a gift from John a couple weeks after mailing my fly fishing gift.  A Thank You letter written in perfect Gierach satire.   Gierach Letter