Fly Rod Casting Mistakes


Fly Rod Casting Mistakes

I’ve been blessed to go on quite a few fly fishing trips this year.  Casting to big Browns and Rainbows on the White River in AR, catching Steelhead on my home river the Rifle, stalking Carp on Beaver Island and chasing Browns at night during the Hex hatch.  But through all these adventures I became aware of a problem – My Cast

I would say I’m an OKAY Caster.  But when the fish are rising and the pressure is on – I fall apart.  Two things plague my casting stroke and the worst part is I know it when I’m doing it. 1.  Picking up my fly line with too much slack line and my rod held too high.

This is so easy to fix, all I can say is I’m lazy.  Maybe I think I can “over power” the rod and pick up all that loose line. – Wrong – all this does is spook fish and set me up for a bad backcast, which turns into a horrible forward cast.

  • The fix is easy – strip in line and lower the rod tip to within inches of the water.  Strip line in to a short casting distance. For me this is about 20.  If I pickup with my rod tip starting at the water, I set myself up for a smooth backcast.

  1.  Stopping my backcast too late and too low. Okay this is my biggest problem, but it actually starts with issue number one.  Since I’ve got all that loose fly line in front of me and my rod tip is high.  I sub-consciously think I need to make a big backcast to get all that line moving.  Windknots, huge loops and inaccurate casts result.

  • The fix – I watch my hand during the backcast, this forces me to hold my thumb behind the rod and stop at the right position.  For me this is at  12 o’clock or when my hand is above my elbow.

Diagnosing the problems was easy for me.  I knew something was wrong when my good friend and Guide Kevin Morlock from Indigo Guide Service said to me.   Hey! Your loosing your head!  Slow down and think about what your doing!   Then a couple weeks later Brian Kozminski with True North Trout said Dave! Stop reaching way back on your backcast.  Slow down and enjoy it!

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