How to Sharpen a Hook with a Hook Sharpener

How to sharpen a fishing hook using a hook sharpener

Bouncing eggs and nymphs on the bottom of a stream is probably one of the most effective techniques for catching trout. Unfortunately every time your hook touches a rock it gets dull. Keeping your hooks sharp improves your odds of success.

An important skill that’s easy to learn is how to sharpen your hooks. The only tool required is a hook sharpener. This can be in the form of a file, emery board, wet stone or knife sharpener.

Test your hooks sharpness by gently rubbing the hook point across your finger nail. If it easily slides over the surface without scratching or sticking, you’ve got a dull hook.

test hook

The first step in sharpening is to stroke the hook point across the sharpener a couple times.

stroke hook

Switch sides and sharpen the opposite side. A couple strokes on each side of the hook with a diamond sharpener will usually get the point to a needle sharpness.

Test the hook again on your finger nail. If it scratches or digs in your finished.

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Sharp hooks catch fish